KIRKWOOD, Mo — A father is calling on the Kirkwood School District to do something about alleged bullying and racism towards his 12-year-old son. 

The dad said his son has been bullied and attacked by other students since October at Nipher Middle School.  He said his biggest issue is that nothing’s been done by the school. 

“This is discrimination. This is not good,” said father Munawar Kbashi.

Kbashi said he’s frustrated with Nipher Middle School because his son, Hakeem, has been physically and verbally attacked for months by other students about his race.  

“My skin color is not for me. God, he gave me this color I’m proud. We come from one man. That’s it, and then when I hear that, I feel so bad,” Kbashi explains. 

Hakeem said he’s often called derogatory names. He also said he was recently punched on the bus by another student, and both students were suspended.  

“He pushed me on the bus and then I pushed him back, and he started throwing punches,” said Hakeem. 

Hakeem said the bullying and harassment have affected his mental health and grades. 

“I just feel like I don’t want to be there at school,” Hakeem admits. 

Kbashi said he spoke to the school’s principal, who confirmed the incidents happened but hasn’t done anything about it.  Kbashi and his family are Muslim — so they reached out to the Council on American-Islamic Relations for help.

Marwan Hameed represents Missouri’s chapter of CAIR, which is now demanding the school to investigate the alleged racist actions against Hakeem. 

“We reached out to the school and called the principal. Nobody answered the call. I left a voice message, and nobody returned the call,” Hameed said. “I just couldn’t believe that’s such a behavior had been going on in the school district for such a long time without taking any action.”

Hameed said CAIR’s mission is to make every Muslim-American feel safe and secure, and that’s the reason the group is helping Kbashi and his son. 

Thie Kirkwood School District released the following statement: “The Kirkwood School District takes these allegations seriously and will follow our established processes to thoroughly investigate any claims of harassment or discrimination. As we are legally required to protect student and staff privacy, we are unable to discuss the details of personnel actions or the specifics of student discipline. However, we can confirm that any violation of our code of conduct is handled consistent with our Board-approved discipline policies.”