Cab Drivers Want Riders to Pay for Puke

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- When you hop into the back of a taxi, it`s normally a quiet ride. However, for some who do late night partying and drinking the cab is the only way home.  Passengers might leave a tip and something else, vomit and other messes in the cab.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Taxicab Commission is considering adding a fee for those who leave a mess that drivers have to get professionally cleaned which causes a loss of income.

The commission is looking at the amount of the fee and how to enforce it. Driver`s Umar Lee and William Caldwell say they do what they can to keep their cabs clean. Some offer clear Ziploc bags to give to customers to use as needed.

"When you`re throwing up defecating, urinating, I`ve seen it all you have to pay the consequences for that act," said Lee.

"I tell them barf in the bag. Sometimes their friends will help them. I tell them listen all you have to do is unzip this it`s new and do your thing in this bag," said Caldwell.

Cab customer Teresa Hessel says a fee is needed to help drivers who lose money and she believes drivers should be compensated for lost work.

"I don't see a problem with a nominal fee for cleaning up and for any mess left in a cab," said Hessel.

Bartenders Emily Albert and Ashley Krull say and customers say they have a lot of respect for what drivers go through on a shift. Cities like Chicago and Austin Texas already have cleaning fees

"They're going to be using cleaning products it`s going to cost money to clean the car out I think its fair and its disgusting," said Albert.

So whether its $25, $50 or more drivers could have the option to charge soon, and make passengers think about what it takes to keep cabs on the streets of St Louis running.
The commission says the issue will be discussed at their July 24th meeting and a final decision should be reached in the next 60 days.
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