Cahokia adult store owner given a cease and desist order to close up shop

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CAHOKIA, Ill. - An Illinois adult entertainment store has been told to close up shop and go else where.

People working and living nearby were pleased by the Cahokia Village Council’s decision to issue a cease and desist order, preventing Doctor John’s Lingerie and Novelty Boutique on Camp Jackson Road from operating in their community.

“I don’t think it should be here because we got a lot of young children,” said Stevie Lescast. “And that’s not something positive.”

The boutique it seems popped up overnight on one of the town’s busiest roads. It sits across from a library, a nearby school, and a church. It even has a hand written job application notice posted on one of the store’s windows.

Some residents said that it doesn’t make sense how a store specializing in adults-only merchandise would pick such a particular spot.

“It’s not right,” said resident David Coch. “They really shouldn’t be doing that; they should go through the protocols. If they don’t, then they should get the heck out of our town.”

“We follow the law,” said Mayor Curtis McCall Jr. as city officials addressed resident concerns. "When we were notified about it they were already a month in, so once we found out we told them they need to cease and desist, to stop all action."

Council members have now passed an ordinance that regulates adult stores.

McCall said that the ordinance in place at present is too vague.

“Never will we discriminate against any business, no matter how popular or unpopular it may be,” McCall said. "However, we follow the law and our law and ordinance states that this type of business cannot dwell in this specific area. So right now, it boils down to our zoning ordinance and it does not comply with our zoning ordinance.”


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