Cahokia Heights, Illinois swears in first mayor today


CAHOKIA HEIGHTS, Ill. – Cahokia Heights first mayor will be sworn in today, Thursday, May 6.

Voters in the Metro East approved the merger between Cahokia, Alorton, and Centreville, Illinois back in November 2020.

The new city will be called Cahokia Heights, meaning a lot of signs will have to be changed eventually.

Declining populations led to a financial crisis in each city. The merger also does away with townships in the area, which was an added layer of government. The new police headquarters will be in the old Centreville City Hall. The volunteer fire departments will stay the same.

The new city’s first mayor is Curtis McCall senior.

This area experiences a lot of flooding and sewage backups after heavy rains. Soon-to-be Mayor McCall said this is one of the first things he will address.

Another major change will be the ending of the Commonfields Water and Sewer District. McCall told one news outlet that those employed there will have to re-apply for jobs within a new sewer department. He also said people working for the city could expect pay cuts during the transition.

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