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ST. LOUIS, Mo. _There was trouble at a vigil for a transgender woman killed by police. The driver of a car injured some marchers after they surrounded his car.  Several people suffered minor injuries, such as scrapes and cuts, but nothing needed medical attention.

The incident happened on Manchester Road not far from the Transgender Memorial Garden where the vigil was held for Kiwi Herring.   St. Louis Police say that the vehicle approached the protesters, honked their horn and attempted to drive around the demonstration.  Police say that  protesters surrounded the vehicle and began striking it.  They also kicked and jumped on top of the vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle is described by police as a white male.  He started to drive away when three protesters fell from the vehicle. Police say they tried to stop driver, who initially refused to stop. He stopped about a block away from the incident and was taken into custody for felony fleeing.

Herring was shot and killed by St. Louis police officers Tuesday, following a call for a cutting in north St. Louis. Officers arrived on the scene and confronted Herring, who was holding a knife and refused to drop the weapon.

Herring stabbed an officer in the arm and a neighbor.  A partner of Herring, Kristy Thompson, was charged with assault and armed criminal action for her role in the stabbing of a neighbor who is still in serious condition.

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