Car thief accused of using intimate encounter and gym-pass in St. Louis County crimes

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO - Area police tie multiple car thefts across St. Louis County to the same man.  Randy Lewis Moore, 18, of Hazelwood is a suspect in at least a dozen vehicle thefts from Chesterfield to Crestwood over the past nine months, police said.   He is been formally charged with six of the crimes.

Moore popped onto investigators’ radars again after a car theft from the Gold’s Gym on Clayton Road in Chesterfield, January 16.  He and an accomplice were checking gym lockers for car keys, police said.

“They had a three-day pass to go into the gym,” said Chesterfield Police Sgt., Keith Rider. “One (suspect) went into the lockers while the other played lookout, basically.  He went through the lockers found the keys from our victim’s vehicle.  They went outside, found where the vehicle was located and stole the vehicle.”

Moore and his accomplice also hit the Gold’s Gym in Town & Country and the one in Ellisville, all on the same day, police said.  They allegedly took the car they stole at one location and drove it to the next, so they could steal more.

Moore is charged with one count of stealing a motor vehicle for the Chesterfield case, with charges pending for the Town & Country and Ellisville crimes.

He is also accused of burglary and first-degree robbery for allegedly stealing a car at gunpoint with multiple accomplices in University City, after meeting the victim online last Thursday.  Later that same day, court records accuse him of stealing a car in Florissant.

Moore and a female accomplice met the victim online, Florissant police say.  As she was having an intimate encounter with the man at his home, Moore slipped into the house, found the man’s keys, and stole his car.

Moore was released from jail on January 21, 2020.  He has been charged with burglary, stealing, and stealing a motor vehicle in a case brought by St. Louis County Police. He faces four additional counts for car thefts in Florissant in May of 2019. Moore is currently being held in jail on separate bonds. The highest bond is for $100,000, cash only.


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