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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – There are some Cardinals fans who find the Cubs’ World Series ride to be an absolute nightmare. They only watch the games hoping to see the Cubs lose. Fans here keep saying, “It’s in our DNA.”

Fans of the Cardinals have been rooting against the Cubs their entire lives. The only reason the rivalry has never been as ruthless as say, the Yankees-Red Sox, is that no one alive now was around the last time the Cubs won it – 1908.

“You can’t be a St. Louis sporting goods store and have Cubs merchandise. You just can’t,” said Greg Domian, Olympic Sporting Goods in south St. Louis. Although, a Cubs doormat greets customers as they enter the store.

Why does Domian have a Cubs doormat?

“It’s to wipe your feet on,” he said. “They’re the doormat, have been the doormat of the division.”

His store does have a few Cubs parody t-shirts, like: “Choke: The Official Drink of Cubs Baseball.”

But unlike another Cubs shirt there, “Cubs” no longer stands for “Completely Useless By September.” Chicago’s recent baseball success can be tough for St. Louisans to swallow.

“Maybe if the Blues won the Stanley Cup we’d let them have the World Series. But until that happens, I can’t see us even mildly rooting for the Cubs,” Domian said.

But with the Busch Stadium ticket windows empty, the gates locked, and the Cardinals planting grass instead of playing on it this October, Fox 2 News did find evidence of an understanding of what it’s been like for the Cubs and their faithful.

“Yes…I feel sorry for them because they haven’t won for so long, I’m pulling for them,” said Janet Vasel, a Cards fan from Fenton. “I think that that’s the nice thing to do.”

“If it’s once every what, 108 years, I guess we’ll let it go,” Domian said.

Cardinals fans are passing lists back-and-forth of everything that’s happened since the last time the Cubs won it: radio was invented, then TV, 16 presidents have been elected, and the Cardinals have won the World Series 11 times.