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ST. LOUIS – The Missouri House Committee heard from representatives of Major League Baseball Wednesday about a bill that would legalize sports betting

The head of the Cardinals and the head of the Kansas City Royals both said they are in favor of legalizing sports gambling in the Show-Me-State. The bill being talked about is House Bill 119, which would legalize mobile betting in Missouri.

Wednesday the Senior Vice President for Baseball told the House General Law Committee that major league baseball supports the bill. He said the bill would protect baseball and its fans by setting up consumer protections and strong regulations.

Cardinal’s President Bill DeWitt III issued a statement that said:

“Legalized sports betting legislation in Missouri must protect the game of baseball and its fans from the risks of corruption associated with sports betting. HB 119 contains the right balance of protection and regulations to accomplish that goal. While ensuring that Missouri creates a safe and ultimately successful sports betting market. For these reasons, it has our support.”

The NBA and PGA TOUR have also shown support for the Missouri bill and similar bills in other states dealing with betting legislation.