Caseyville police officers help woman victimized by roof scammer


CASEYVILLE, Ill.- Police officers swapped their law enforcement belts for a tool belt.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean job-specific for us but we just go out there and lend a helping hand when we can,” said Detective Sergeant Andy Reel with the Caseyville Police Department.

All to help out a neighbor, Phyliss Scott, after she received a knock on the door.

“He knocked on my front door. And said asked me if we need any roof work done,” Scott said. “I trusted him, which was dumb on my part.”

A man from Collinsville, targeting her along with others, is now suspected on multiple counts of home repair fraud.

Scott paid the stranger $200 by check, but shortly after it was cashed, no answer. “We just call the phone number and it just goes to voicemail,” Scott said.

Once police caught wind of the incident, Scott heard another knock on the door.

“He said I’m good at hammering nails so I can come up there and do it.”

“I panicked. I’m like is she ok?,” said Aubrey Parker, one of Scott’s neighbors. “I’m like what’re you guys doing? And he goes well she got scammed by a guy who told her he would repair the roof and didn’t, so we just went to home depot and got the stuff for her to fix it.”

After officers arrived the project was complete within an hour.

“I’m like holy cow. How sweet is that? You guys get such a bad rap all the time and then there is just stuff like this that just makes your heart brace,” Parker said.

The scammer is not yet charged on any counts of home repair fraud.

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