Cat Uses One Of Its Nine Lives After Being Buried Alive

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ST. JACOB, IL (KTVI) – Meet Muffin, the miracle cat.

“My Mom thought my cat was dead because she was laying down,” explains six year old Bradley McCallum.

Because I couldn’t find her heart rate or her breathing cause she was completely lifeless,” explains mom, Sarah McCallum.

The cat was cold, including its nose and tongue. Sarah McCallum thought Muffin had headed to the great beyond.

“Then I took tape and wrapped around the outside of the box to prevent critters from trying to dig her up after we buried her,” says McCallum.

The McCallum’s had lost a longtime family cat last year and Sarah thought she was doing the right thing burying Muffin before the kids came home from school.  But Bradley wanted to plant a flower at the cat’s grave site when he got home.

“When I was burying a hole for it,” says Bradley kicking a clump of dirt, “I heard a meow.”

“As soon as I put the shovel in the ground then I could hear and then I couldn’t move the dirt fast enough,” says Sarah

That’s right, they thought she was a goner. But the cat came back.

“Even the vet said anyone would have mistaken the cat comatose with her temperature so low,” explains Sarah.

So after being buried for three and 1/2 hours, it wasn’t finite-oh for this feline, instead a seizure Muffin suffered led Sarah to think the cat had died.

But hopefully Bradley will forgive his Mom.

“He asked me why I buried his cat alive,” laughs Sarah.

“This cat is the only cat that likes to snuggle with me,” says Bradley giving his kitty a squeeze.

The vet has checked this pet and declared Muffin is purr-fectly happy and healthy

“Have you thought about renaming the cat Lazarus?” asks Patrick Clark.

“No,” says Sarah

And that’s quite a tail, proving cats really do have nine lives.

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