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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — A FedEx and UPS driver both helped out two elderly people while they were out delivering this week, but neither driver knew their acts of kindness were caught on camera.

A Fox 2 viewer sent in a photo of a UPS Driver pushing a man in a powered wheelchair on the sidewalk this week. We posted it on Facebook and asked if the community could help us identify the kind UPS driver. FOX2’s viewers did more than that, they helped find the driver and shared another photo of a FedEx driver performing another kind act.

“I just did what any other person would do,” UPS Driver Patricia Hall-Hill said.

Hall-Hill has been a UPS driver for 21 years. On Tuesday, a man flagged her for help because his powered wheelchair wasn’t working.

“I’m like okay, let me do the delivery and I’ll come back,” Hill-Hall said. “He’s like, ‘I can’t move, my chair is down, can you help me. I’ve been asking people but nobody would do it,’ so I said yea okay, no problem, I helped him and hurried back up to do my job.”

She didn’t know someone in the community had snapped a picture of her pushing the man’s wheelchair. That day, her customers gave her flowers and cards on her delivery route and she didn’t know what they were for.

A viewer sent FOX 2 the picture and we posted it on Facebook to see if the community could help identify the kind driver.

“Two of my customers gave me flowers, and I’m like huh? and they’re like you did a good deed, thank you, you’re awesome,” Hill-Hall said.

Around 6:00 Tuesday night, someone showed her FOX 2’s Facebook post and she realized why she had been given the flowers.

And the accolades kept coming. “I got cards today and I got these flowers again today and then a lot of my coworkers shook my hand, gave me a hug and like you’re wonderful, you’re awesome, I’m like okay it just wasn’t a big deal, I just helped somebody out,” she added.

In the same week, FedEx Driver Tavia Cox helped a woman who had fallen outside while getting her mail.

“I didn’t think much about it and didn’t expect any recognition from it, I was just like she needed help so I helped her,” FedEx Driver Tavia Cox said.

Cox was out on her last 10 deliveries of the day in Fenton when she found a woman on the ground.

“It started off as a normal day but throughout the day I had patchy packages, boxes weren’t in the right place, but it did land me in the right spot at the right time,” she said. “I rolled my window down and asked if she was okay, and she looked at me, looked at the ground, looked at me again and said I don’t remember how I got down here, I said you’re not okay, put my van in park and helped her up.”

Cox said her coworkers called her a ‘Shero’ for her kind act.

Both drivers didn’t know someone was watching, but it’s safe to say they both delivered more than packages this week and both drove away with our hearts.