Caught on Camera: Stranger walks up to metro home, waters plants, and leaves

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KFOR) — A story that proves truth really is stranger than fiction: a stranger caught on camera doing a chore no one asked him to in the early hours of the morning.

MK Stalder received a notification from her doorbell camera, telling her someone was at her door.

When she looked, she was left with more questions than answers.

“I looked at it and was like oh my gosh, this guy was on my porch,” Stalder told News 4.

An uninvited stranger showed up on her doorstep around 5 a.m. Monday, turned on the water hose and got to work.

“He got up and started watering my plants. Just really weird. I have a bunch of plants out there,” Stalder said.

The man was there for about 30 minutes. The hard work even causing him to break a sweat.

“Showed him sitting down, trying to figure out how to turn on a fan that was left on the porch, set it up and fanned himself,” Stalder explained.

After every plant was watered, the man sneaks off into a neighbor’s backyard.

While Stadler’s left scratching her head over the whole thing, she does say she’s grateful for the plant-watering stranger who randomly showed up in the early hours of the morning.

“It was kind of like the silver lining, I didn`t have to water my plants. It gets old,” Stalder said.

Moments after the man left her porch, the Oklahoma City Fire Department responded to a situation at the vacant apartment complex next door, and neighbors wondered if the man had a fascination with fire as well as water.

However, a spokesperson tells News 4 it was a false alarm, leaving neighbors to wonder if it was a coincidence.