ST. LOUIS – A CDC analysis found a chemical from the popular RoundUp Weed and Grass Killer, first sold by St. Louis based Monsanto in the 1970s, in urine samples from children.

The nonprofit organization Environmental Working Group broke down the results. They report the CDC collected more than 2,000 urine samples from children six and older between 2013 an 2014. More than 80% of the samples tested positive for the chemical glyphosate, the active chemical in RoundUp Weed and Grass Killer.

In 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer announced glyphosate may cause cancer. That same year, the Joint Food and Agriculture Organization / World Health Organization Meeting on Pesticide Residues said that was likely not true.

Still, Bayer — which bought Monsanto in 2018 — announced they will stop selling RoundUp with glyphosate in stores in 2023. The company faces a national class-action lawsuit with accusations that RoundUp sickened its customers. In a press release, Bayer said this was to protect the company from future lawsuits. The company added, it will continue to sell glyphosate products to professionals and farmers.