ARNOLD, Mo. – There’s a new trend in senior living: more sophisticated food options. 

Cedarhurst Senior Living has done a complete overhaul of its entire dining program across 60 communities, with the help of chef Christian Gullet who has more than 25 years experience in the kitchens of large-scale dining operations.

The plan is have him and his team of 120 chefs roll out better and healthier meals for 4,000 residents statewide.

The new “Crafted by Cedarhurst Menu” will offer an all day experience; instead of seniors having to eat at specific times with limited options, they can choose when they want to eat. And if residents want breakfast items for dinner – they can have it.

Another benefit of this menu is it’s focus on more of a restaurant style dining experience.

Food will be fresh and made to order. Chef Gullet also worked with a St. Louis–based dietician to develop dishes with antioxidants and “Brain Foods” that are critical for seniors’ mental health.

Cedarhurst Senior Living introduced the new concept back in April, and plans to continue doing that over the next several months.