Central Missouri poultry farm with St. Louis ties busy ahead of Thanksgiving

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TIPTON, MO - It is the busiest time of year for a couple from the St. Louis area who own a poultry farm in central Missouri.

Shrewsbury native Matt Tiefenbrun and his wife Eleanor from Cedar Hill own Buttonwood Farm.

We visited one of the business locations near Tipton.

“Yeah, this is Thanksgiving,” said Matt as he looked on at tons of turkeys in a 10-acre pasture.

Matt and Eleanor are raising some 3,500 turkeys ahead of turkey day.

And it is no easy feat.

“It`s challenging. They go through a lot of feed. They go through- we`re bringing in 18,000 pounds a week right now. So, we`re always bringing feed out to them,” explained Matt.

He added, “They`re like kids- they need feed, water, shelter.”

Matt and Eleanor started the business back in 2010.

They have chickens, eggs and of course turkeys.

The couple is committed to having pasture-raised turkeys- that means their turkeys are not in barns but rather, for the most part, grow in open pastures.

Matt says his turkeys are as anti-biotic free as possible.

And Matt tells us his turkeys will never see a freezer before turkey day...his processing won`t begin until this Wednesday.

“They`ll be way fresher. The taste will be better. Feel better about buying them, it`s local, more humane,” said Matt.

Matt says he and his wife buy their turkeys when they are a day old from mid to late July, and they grow quickly.

The males are larger and have some blue in their coloring.

“This is my favorite time of the year. It`s busy, busy, busy and I thrive on being busy,” explained Matt.

He added, “We`re not in panic mode. We`ve been doing it ten years so we kind of know what we`re doing. Things always sprout up but we`ll have three trucks on the road on Saturday and on Tuesday delivering fresh birds into St. Louis and Columbia.”

Matt won`t be getting a lot of sleep in the coming days but he says it`s worth it so people can have top turkeys for Thanksgiving.

“Enjoy the holidays. It`s a fun time of year,” said Matt.

Matt and Eleanor`s turkeys are sold in several specialty markets around the St. Louis area and one in Columbia, Missouri.

If you are interested in finding out where you can buy a turkey from the Buttonwood Farm, you can check the company`s website.



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