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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KTVI) – A Chesterfield man is charged with trespassing and property damage, after police say he broke into a neighbor’s home, thinking it was his own, and took a shower, all while he was reportedly intoxicated.

It’s a story some may find amusing, but in an exclusive FOX 2 interview, the homeowner says she found the ordeal terrifying.

According to his family, 24 year-old Michael Adams was walking home from a neighborhood bar at around 4am on April 17th, after consuming several pitchers of hard liquor. He lives on Crownridge in Chesterfield, but ended up a few streets over, on River Bend Drive.

A homeowner on River Bend, who wants to stay anonymous, was asleep when she heard a noise, then someone kicking open the door.  She recalls, “You hear your heart in your throat, basically, your heart is just pounding away.”

She ran into her daughter’s room, and the two women immediately locked the door and called 911.

Throughout the next few minutes, they listened as the intruder rummaged through their silverware drawer and tried to open some locked doors.  The women feared he had armed himself with a kitchen knife.

“At this point, I think we’re both holding the door as tight as we can, he never spoke, we didn’t say anything, and all of a sudden we hear water run,” says the homeowner.

According to police, the suspect turned on the water in one of their bathrooms, and took a shower. That’s when officers showed up.

“They pulled him out of the bathroom, and actually police said we didn’t let him use a towel,” the homeowner says, “He kept saying, this is my house, I live here. Get out of my house. Then they said, where, and he gave his address, you know, and it’s a couple streets over.”

The homeowners had never seen him before.

Meanwhile, several streets over, the 24 year-old’s family is sorry for what happened.

Michael Adams’ father tells FOX2, “It’s unfortunate; he’s a really good kid. It was a freak accident and he feels bad about it.”

Still, that doesn’t stop this mother and daughter from feeling violated: “Here we’re on lockdown in my daughter’s bedroom in our house. And so he really has violated just our well-being and our safety.”

Adams will appear in court in June.  His family says he plans to return to school to study business, and won’t be drinking again for a long time.

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