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GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. — A UPS driver from Grain Valley is going to the Super Bowl in Miami. But he didn’t buy the tickets. He earned them.

“I kinda just stopped for a second and your heart starts racing,” Kameron Rees said. “All the thoughts go, ‘Is it really real? Or am I getting played?'”

Rees received a text message that told him he won tickets to Super Bowl LIV next Sunday. He said two other people got the same message but didn’t respond — scoring him the two game tickets.

“So we get to have two and a half days of excitement and just a mini-vacation of a dream come true,” Rees said.

It’s all thanks to this season ticket holder’s pledge to be the designated driver on several game days.

“Come to find out, it was out of 25,000 people,” Rees said.

Rees was randomly picked by the NFL and the coalition TEAM, which stands for Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management. They encourage responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at sporting events. Rees excels in both.

Any Chiefs fan will tell you, tailgating in the parking lot at Arrowhead is an event of its own. So Rees doesn’t mind being the DD.

Plus, he personally knows the dangers of drinking and driving.

“I have family members, unfortunately, go through some things. So to me, it really hits home,” Rees said. “It doesn’t normally just affect you; it’s affecting a lot of people around you, families that you don’t even know.”

Rees decided to take his dad to the Super Bowl.

“My dad took me to my first Chiefs game at 4,” Rees said, “and 26 years later I get to go and take him.”

Plane, hotel and $1,400 tickets are all paid for, but Rees said taking care of “precious cargo” is priceless.

“There’s no really better reward than making sure everyone gets home safely,” Rees said.

He leaves for Miami next Friday giving Chiefs Kingdom his word.

“I promise you my voice is going to be gone,” Rees said. “I’m here to yell and be loud and proud like we all are in Chiefs Kingdom. So I’ve got you guys.”