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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – Frances Smith has been by her son`s side since he lost 4 of his fingers in a fireworks accident on Friday.

Martinez Smith-Payne is 10 years old.  His mother says her son held a firework in his hand and lit it, not realizing the damage it could cause.

She feels fortunate that her son will be okay and is warning parents to keep an eye on their children if fireworks are in the house.

‘It was very hard to see your child`s hand hanging off,’ said Smith.  She says her son told her not to worry, that he was going to be okay.  She said seeing that type of strength from her son allowed her to stop crying.

Smith-Payne is heading into 5th grade at Walbridge Elementary in St. Louis City.  She says relatives, friends and her son`s teachers have all been by the hospital to wish him well.

As of Sunday night, Smith-Payne remained in the intensive care unit at St. Louis Children`s Hospital.  He was in good condition.

His mother says her son will need reconstructive surgery to help his hand heal.

Fireworks — Are They Worth the Risk?

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