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VALLEY, PARK, MO (KTVI) – Many people have claimed to have spotted a chupacabra. But, not many of the sightings have been around St. Louis.  Many people, including the Missouri Conservation department do not believe the animals exist.  They say that the animal is a dog with mange.

The so-called mythical creature allegedly kills animals and then sucks their blood. Many sightings are from locations in Latin America and the southern U.S. The animals are usually described as looking like small dogs or large rodents, with long snouts, fangs, scaly greenish-gray skin and a nasty smell.

A FOX 2 viewer living in Valley Park said she recently spotted this small grey dog-like animal near a gate.

“There is a sighting of a dog that sure looks like a chupacabra. There may be more than one. I have heard up to four of them, located at the Old Lake Hill Speedway Property. Seen around the front gate of the property.” wrote Stephanie Reynolds.

A hunter in Mississippi claims to have killed one of the creatures a week ago. He said he was “coon hunting” when he saw the glowing red eyes in the hay. The animal attacked and he shot and killed it. The Mississippi Department of Wildlife said this “Chupacabra” is just a coyote with mange.

Many scientists and wildlife management officials view the chupacabra as a contemporary legend.

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