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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – All eyes were on the big screen as Seattle took down Denver. But, this group of college age students don’t come here on Sundays for football, they usually come to Humphries for church.

“The Gathering” UMC has two ministries off McCausland as well as one in Clayton. But, they wanted to expand their services to reach college age students and they’re doing that in an unique way.

“I thought it was awesome. A lot of my friends were like a church in a bar really? But, it brought a few of my friends who normally wouldn’t go to church so it helps guide them into faith.” said Sarah Smith.

UMC doesn’t encourage or discourage people from drinking. They just say that the bar is open.

“There are a lot people who question or bar in a church. But, we’re OK with that.We know we`re doing a better good for the kingdom. And so we offer it to them and show them what God can do for them.” said Dave Merrill.

Although UMC is targeting college age students Pastor Merrill says these services are not just for the younger generation. “Everyone is welcome; We want all ages people 50 60 70 everyone in here connecting with college age people.”