Church’s Chicken caper: Thief breaks into ninth store, steals thousands

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WASHINGTON PARK, Ill. – A Church’s Chicken in Washington Park, Illinois became the ninth Church’s franchise to be robbed in the last few months.

“They came through the roof, they cut the safe open, and took everything,” said Devonda Sye, the general manager of the Church’s Chicken in Washington Park.

Tens of thousands of dollars – gone! Sye believes the thief has possibly stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from all of the stores combined.

The thief was caught on camera last night in a distorted image. He was also caught on security camera robbing the Church’s Chicken in East St. Louis a few months ago.

He came in from the back, climbed up the drive-through order station onto the roof, and cut his way in from there.

“They’ve been doing it so long, they know exactly what to do,” Sye said. “They cut alarm wires and all that.”

“We can’t even get into the safe but for them to come in and cut through and take everything…it’s unbelievable.”

Sye was forced to close the restaurant Friday, losing thousands more.

“It’s sad because a lot of people in this community actually depend on this restaurant to eat,” she said.

Sye said both she and police believe people know who the suspect is

“I just think someone needs to step up to the plate. Time to stop it all,” she said.

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