ST. LOUIS — A man convicted of murdering the son of a retired Saint Louis police officer was released this morning when the circuit attorney’s office dismissed charges against him.

Kim Gardner’s circuit attorney’s office is across the street. Gardner argues that the murder probe is “essentially restarting.”

Meanwhile, the victims’ families are still attempting to process what happened in this instance, according to video from our post-dispatch partners. Lamont Campbell, 28, is seen exiting the Saint Louis City Justice Center. He was sentenced to six years in jail after being convicted of murder and armed criminal action in 2016 for the death of Lenny Gregory III.

Gregory was shot and killed in July 2011. After the accusations against Campbell were dropped, Gardner noted the court’s findings and the judge’s “exceptional judgment” in this case, which vacated Campbell’s conviction and imprisonment. Last month, the courts moved to overturn Campbell’s conviction.

In the case, questions arose about the relationship between a witness and a detective, the effectiveness of Campbell’s attorney, and the possibility of a second suspect. Gregory’s family members claim they have been kept in the dark regarding the legal challenges. In this situation, they believe they are being victimized once more.

“I feel that we were just sort of blind-sided on this,” said Gregory’s sister Regan Cabbabe. “We definitely want to get justice for him. It hasn’t been done. We have to get justice for him.”

Gregory’s aunt Chrstine Tierney added, “It’s just hard to see them in so much pain and a wound that was open again, it’s like it never stops.”  

A spokesperson for Circuit Attorney Gardner issued a statement that read, in part, “The investigation must be restarted to hold the perpetrator accountable for the crime committed.”
It goes on to say, “at this time, we ask the general public to provide any information that will assist in the investigation of this crime.”