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FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI) – A City Council member attended the first regular council meeting since Fox 2 broke the news of his arrest for allegedly patronizing prostitution. Council member Tim Jones, 47, defiantly clung to his council seat telling a Fox 2 reporter his resignation, “would never happen, dude.” He refused to speak on camera.

After news cameras left the meeting, residents and city officials said Jones offered a heartfelt apology to the people of Florissant for defaming their community in any way.  Jones was just elected in April and then just arrested October 8th.

A lot of people in Florissant were surprised he even showed up for the meeting Monday night.  Jones came expecting to hear calls for his resignation.  At least 10 people did just that.  But at least 7 people called for him to stay on, calling him the best council member the 2nd ward ever had.

Earlier this month, Jones allegedly offered an under-cover police woman $20 for sex, on South Broadway in South St. Louis – an area known for prostitution.  Nearly dozen residents spoke to the council about the arrest.  There were those who called Jones an “embarrassment”, urging him to “save face” and resign with dignity.

But supporters urged him to continue in his post, saying “nobody’s perfect.” One man pointed his finger at Jones and told him, “don’t you dare resign.

Jones referred questions to his attorney. He’s due in court for the St. Louis city ordinance violation next month.