City of Wildwood to end decade-long relationship with Meridian Waste after mounting resident complaints

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WILDWOOD, MO – Mounting frustrations for many Wildwood residents with what they say is mounting trash. Many of them told Fox 2/News 11 Monday that Meridian Waste hasn’t been picking up garbage on time for the past several months.

“It’s full,” said Stan Parsons whose trash was supposed to be picked up last Friday but no one from the company came by.

“Somebody told me they came by this (Monday) morning,” explained Parsons who lives in the Cambury Square subdivision. “It’s like, ‘Well wait a minute, what day is it? That’s not a regular pick up day.” ‘

Other people like Carin Harper said that sometimes her trash sits out so long, she has to move it back inside the garage just so that wildlife doesn’t get to it.

“It’s unsightly, it smells, you don’t want to keep it in your garage because it’s old trash,” Harper said, “we pay our bill and expect trash to be picked up.”

Both Harper and Parsons said they’ve called Meridian several times with their concerns but don’t seem to get very far with their attempts.

“Now it’s a situation where you can’t even get through to them on a telephone,” said Parsons, “it truly is a disservice to the 81 homes here in Cambury and to all of my fellow neighbors having to make a guess on when their next pick up is going to be.”

Fox 2/News 11 reported on similar issues happening within some parts of Florissant and Crestwood back in December 2018. During a Florissant City council meeting, government affairs manager, Derrick Standley said that Meridian is aware of the issues and that the company has made significant changes in management to help improve its service. 

But trash pick-up doesn’t seem to be a problem for everyone in some Wildwood neighborhoods.

“The times they didn’t pick it up they just sent us text messages to let us know they will be a day late,” said JoAnn Kresko, “but I noticed that the other half of our street didn’t get picked up.” 

Mayor Jim Bowlin said that too many resident complaints are prompting the city to make some changes.

“We have decided for the best interest of our residents that it was time to look in a different direction,” said Bowlin, “so we are forming a partnership with a new company.”

Fox 2/News 11 contacted Meridian and in a statement, we were told:

“Meridian Waste is disappointed that the decade-long relationship with our Wildwood customers is ending in the near future. We work diligently to be a community resource for our customers and the communities we serve. We are always looking to improve our service and make changes to benefit the environment and the customers’ experience. We encourage those with service issues to reach out to us directly so we may address any problems.”

Bowlin said that the city’s current agreement with Meridian will remain in effect until August 1.


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