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CLAYTON, Mo. –  The Clayton Board of Aldermen members and residents are upset with Washington University growth.  Expounding the growing university is impacting parking and noise.

The concern is so great that the Clayton Board of Aldermen unanimously rejected the university`s request for adding more beds to their campus.

According to our parteners at the Post- Dispatch, the decision by the Clayton Board of Aldermen came Tuesday, August 14.

Wash U officials wanted to add a little more than 100 beds to its main campus, that would have gone in rooms that are now vacant. The requests for more beds would have brought the total bed count on campus to just over 3,400.

That request would have required the university to provide nearly 1,140 parking spaces.  However, the University officials argued studies have shown that many spaces aren`t needed and they only wanted to provide just over 900.

But that didn`t go over well with the Clayton city leaders and others.

Concerns were also raised over how the increasing student population has affected surrounding neighborhoods from parking to traffic to noise. Some residents did support the University saying its growth in recent years has helped the area.

University officials pledged to monitor parking issues going forward, but that wasn`t enough for Clayton leaders as they rejected the request.

Wash U officials say they may return with another request for more beds in the future.