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CLAYTON, Mo–Carolyn Crump has been with UPS for 23 years, and six of those have been spent on a route in Clayton. Throughout those years, the people she delivers to have started to call her family, and they all have different reasons why they love her.

“We all have her cell phone number,” Jason Lehtman said. “She’s on top of it, and if it’s raining she’s wrapping it in plastic.

A few weeks ago, Carolyn Crump found out Lehtman had a connection to a roofing company, in passing she mentioned that she is going to need a new roof soon because her 30-year-old roof has been leaking. Lehtman was able to get her a quote and she said she will be able to get that done in about 6 months.

Little did she know, Lehtman had an idea. He started a GoFundMe to raise enough money to get Crump a new roof. But, the community came together and doubled the money needed for a new roof.

“She’s just kind she’s humble, I don’t think she even realizes the impact she has on people, she’s always smiling,” Christie Pickrell, who helped organize the surprise, said.

Friday afternoon, with her work on board with the surprise, she was scheduled to pick up a package, that didn’t really exist, from a home. When she got there, she was blindfolded and walked over to Concordia Park. There, she was met with her daughter and dozens of others.

So many people, with so many stories and reasons they love their delivery driver.

“The day before we had to put our dog down I found her in the foyer saying goodbye to the dog, and right there you’re just like wow,” Lehtman said. “My kid this year for Christmas is getting a bike… and called and said should I wait to deliver this, or can I deliver this now, do I need to hide it or are we good?”

They surprised her with the new roof and the extra money leftover.

“I am truly surprised,” Carolyn Crump said. “I love this route, I love my job, I love coming to work, I never mind working, it’s great and this is why… this is why I’ll retire on this route, and the only reason I have a route is because you guys shop online.”

Humans aren’t the only ones that love her though, lots of dogs came to surprise her as well. She always carries treats with her on deliveries, for her furry friends.

“I love the dogs, I love handing out treats,” Carolyn Crump said. “I have an auto ship through Chewy.”