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CLAYTON, Mo. – Twenty-one Clayton High School students will be visiting Iowa this weekend to volunteer and work and experience the 2020 Democratic caucuses.

“I hope more people get involved in politics and this is a good way to start because you get to learn about the process and see the candidates in action,” said Sonya Sah, a Clayton High senior.

Four teachers will drive vans to Iowa and chaperone the students as they work all weekend. The trip is helped being paid for through a grant by the Clayton Foundation.

“As I have gotten older and closer to adulthood, politics has become closer to me,” said senior Borna Dianati. “I just want to remind everybody who will be 18 to vote in the next election.”

Social studies teacher Kate Lyons heard about the opportunity this summer and presented it to the students.

“I really tried to stress the importance of the Iowa caucus, especially for presidential candidates trying to start a national level campaign, and I think that got them engaged and excited,” she said.

Lyons said it’s important for students to know that even if they’re not of age to vote yet, they still have the ability to impact government, and possibly make a change for the better.

“I think it’s special to be able to see the candidates in action and it only comes around every four years and do it my senior year of high school and get this experience is really valuable,” said senior Michael Melinger.