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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – One youngster was hospitalized Wednesday night at St. Louis Children’s Hospital as the result of a sledding accident.  Doctors are bracing themselves as more ice and snow are predicted for the weekend. Five children have been treated at Children’s Hospital for injuries suffered while sledding this week.

Casey Krummel’s 4-year-old son was hurt sledding.  “Mommy my leg, help me, help me. And I couldn’t even get to him.”

The Krummel family was in Highland, Illinois Tuesday afternoon when 4-year-old Zachary got going so fast on his sled he went under the fence. Michael Krummel is the boy’s father, “He was screaming bloody murder and said his leg was on fire.”

Zachary seriously damaged his leg and knee. Michael Krummel said, “Heartbreaking I know he wants to play sports, it can ruin his life, his leg, if it doesn’t grow right.”

Sadly, over the years doctors have seen far worse sledding injuries. Elizabeth Schickler is a nurse practioner at Children’s, “We have seen cases of kids with head injuries and there are documented cases of kids dying after having sledding accidents as well.”

Casey Krummel added, “I just hope it happens to nobody else.”  Her husband said, “Just be safe when your kids are out sledding.”

Family members say its possible Zachary may have more surgeries as he grows older. Still, his doctors believe his prognosis is good. Elizabeth Schickler said, “He’ll be able to play sports. He’ll be able to participate in activities. He’ll be a normal little boy.”

Doctors advise parent’s children under 12 should wear a helmet, only one child per sled, and sled in wide open places, no obstacles.