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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) –  Some people need a little help understanding what it takes to be a good parent. The Father’s Support Center is widely recognized for tackling the problem of absentee and uninvolved dads. And every year the agency names one of the program graduates, Father of the Year. And the public selects the winner.

Meet the 2016 ‘Father of the Year’ finalists.

  • Gregory Washington, father of 5
  • Carl Williams, father of 3
  • And Rick Jamison, father of 4

Each of these dads completed an intense 6 week ‘boot camp’. All day sessions are led by caring instructors. The men discover they do have what it takes to be good parents. They just need a little help pulling it out and building strong family ties. Depending on need, clients have at their disposal a legal clinic, GED classes, job preparation and parenting classes.

How did the program help the three finalists?

Greg Washington says, ‘I went there just wanting an understanding on how to deal with the child support and everything, and doing one on one with Mr. Irons. I learned more. I learned how to communicate, how to wear a tie to interviews, just to present myself better as a man.’

Carl Williams says, ‘It really taught me, how to handle life situations a little better to be more responsible. It really changed my frame of thinking and even towards my kids.

Rick Jamison says,”It changed me a lot because it not only made me patient, but it made, actually I got a better relationship with my kids. I didn’t think I could do that but I actually have a better relationship because that patience goes a long way.”

‘When dads are absentee or marginally involved children suffer.

The Father of the Year will be honored at the Fathers’ Support Center annual Toast to Fathers Dinner on June 16, 2016. For information about client services, voting for one of the graduates or dinner tickets you`ll find the link below. You have until midnight tonight to cast your vote.

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