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(FOX NEWS) –  It’s less than two weeks away from the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The Saturday Evening Post was there on that tragic day And they are commemorating the upcoming anniversary by highlighting moments.  Post Historian Jeff Nilsson talks about the way he handled his personal life and the conspiracy theories surrounding his death.

“I think this could never really end, and I don’t know that people want it to end. In a way, the conspiracy theories keep John Kennedy partially alive we never really let him go. I think since they cannot be ever resolved there is no evidence that can prove what happened, what didn’t happen that we might be able to put our efforts better  towards some other area of research into American history. But then that’s my opinion. ” said Nilsson. “Yea, it’s a really dilemma because you seem so admirable in some areas and so disreputable in others and how can this be the same person. Which is one of the reasons he is so fascinating because he was very much an idealist and on the other side he was able to use the FBI to cover up his affairs. This is the same person, but it’s a very complex person obviously.”

Check out, to see some of the photographs that the post printed back in the sixties of Kennedy. They have reproduced several of the articles as they first appeared and have a series of essays that reintroduce this interesting and enigmatic character to the American people.