ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – The sweet sound of well-struck golf shots echoes through the grounds of Norwood Hills Country Club Friday afternoon. The percussion is pleasing to players and patrons alike, but it’s the charitable support this event provides that’s music to the ears of the St. Louis community.

“So many players have come up to me and said thank you for putting the charity first,” said Nick Ragone, executive vice president, and chief marketing officer for Ascension.

Ragone said he advocated for the tournaments to be held at Norwood Hills Country Club.

“When we met with the tour, we said it has to be at Norwood and all the proceeds have to stay in north St. Louis County and for charity,” he said. “I’m proud to say in year two, the tour said we’re the most profitable and charitable tour on PGA Tour Champions. They have 35 events.”

Since its inception in 2020, the Ascension Charity Classic has brought more than a million dollars in charitable donations to its charity partners, the Urban League, Boys, and Girls Club, and Marygrove.

“The work that we’re in, the social service landscape, is a challenging one,” said Michael Meehan, CEO of Marygrove. “Oftentimes, the available funding or reimbursement for the care we provide for children in desperate need, doesn’t meet the costs of that care. We really count on the generosity of corporate and individual donors to help us make up the difference. We simply would not be able to keep the lights on, quite literally, without the generosity of our donors. Ascension is incredible among them in terms of their charitable investment.”

As the event continued to grow, the amount of money received for the north St. Louis County charities also increase.

“It’s epic entertainment. World-class golf. But really the magic of it is the impact on the community and charities like mine,” Meehan said.

Ragone said he is excited that the St. Louis community showed support.

“We’re just thrilled St. Louisans have come out. They love the golf, but they really love giving back,” he said.