ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis woman was trying to find a new car but she was having trouble finding one on local lots so she search the online car buying website, Vroom.

“You just pick your car online, you get a 360 view inside and out, hand over your money and there you go,” said Lydia Killoran.

In late February, Killoran said she made a deal with Vroom to trade in her 2015 Subaru Outback for the purchase of a 2022 model. On April 11, she went to a lot in Bridgeton to make the swap.

“It was relatively seamless. The only question I had was, I looked at the temp tag and asked why does this say April 23 when it’s April the 11th?” said Killoran. “I thought I had 60 days on a temp tag. He informed me it was 60 days from the date I purchased.”

Killoran said she left the lot in her new car, with the assurance the vehicle’s title, registration and plates would arrive in the next few weeks. When a few weeks turned into months, she called FOX 2.

It turns out Killoran isn’t alone. Vroom customers from Indiana, Tennessee, and Florida levied complaints against the company. In fact, the state of Florida has filed an 87-count administrative complaint against Vroom over extreme delays in transferring titles to consumers.

“I would like this to not happen to anyone else. I would like my title. My registration and some plates so that I’m driving legally without fear of getting pulled over by the police,” said Killoran. “It’s that simple. I’m not asking for too much, I don’t think.”

FOX 2 reached out to Vroom on Killoran’s behalf and a company representative said they were looking into it.

“Since then, I received my license plates on June 28 with my registration and then a few days later, I finally got my title,” said Killoran.

A spokesperson from Vroom said the following statement:

“We regret the delay Ms. Killoran experienced in receiving her title and plates. Our goal is for every Vroom customer to have a superior car buying or selling experience with us. We are highly focused on transforming our transaction processes into a world-class titling and registration operation that will provide a more seamless experience for our customers.”

Killoran told FOX 2’s Mike Colombo, that she would have not gotten her license plates if he didn’t intervene.

“I think if I wouldn’t have talked with you the first time, I would still be sitting here with no license plates,” said Killoran. “I really do feel that way, so thank you, Mike.”

The Missouri Attorney General’s office said it received 35 complaints about Vroom in 2022. Eleven of those cases are still open. Last year, the state received 24 complaints about the company. All of them were resolved.

If you’re having problems with Vroom, email Mike Colombo at