ST. LOUIS – As winter turns to spring, it’s prime time to get the grime off your vehicle. Brian Byrd says he was surprised to find he was still paying for his last trip to the Zips Car Wash on South Kingshighway, months after he last pulled off the lot.

“I happened to notice there was a $20 debit from Zips and I thought, I hadn’t been to Zips in months,” he said. “So, I went back and looked at some of the other previous statements, and sure enough, they’d been hitting me for about six months.”

Bryd tells us the charges totaled $120. He says he didn’t sign up for a monthly membership.

“The interface, I noticed, was a little confusing. I thought I had just purchased one car wash, turns out it ended up being a membership. Full-on membership,” he said. “The thing that was kind of odd is I never got an email or any kind of confirmation, anything like that, that a membership had started.”

Bryd says the local employees referred him to a corporate customer service number, but he was unable get ahold of anyone on the phone. Contact 2 did. A representative told us they were working to refund his money, and they came through.

In a statement, Zips said: “Our team is ready to assist anyone with a billing or club member question. We have team members working daily to assist customers via phone, chat, and email.”

Zips advises anyone with an issue to contact them on their website, by clicking ‘Contact Us’ and then ‘All other requests’ on the right-hand side. You’ll be taken to this page to submit a request.

Brian Byrd is thankful to have this issue cleaned up.

“You guys made it happen through whatever connection you have with Zips. Absolutely. Thank you, very much,” he said.