Contact 2: Disabled patron questions accessibility after fall outside downtown St. Louis restaurant

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ST. LOUIS – Alison Chancellor was born with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. Forty-one years later, she’s powering through life thanks in large part to her power chair.

“My left hand is the one that I do pretty much everything with, and that is the side that I fell on,” Chancellor said.

The fallout from that fall was visible on her face when we met earlier this month. The accident happened Aug. 26th as Alison and a friend left Landry’s Seafood House at Union Station. She fell down these brick steps.

“All I remember her doing is screaming and yelling and people being around me and me seeing a lot of blood,” Chancellor said.

Alison was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. After a long night, she was released with bad bumps and bruises but the good fortune of knowing it could’ve been much worse. 

“I don’t know if I could’ve died, but it could’ve been a very, very bad injury,” Chancellor said.

There is a wheelchair ramp on the property outside the front door. When we visited the restaurant there was no signage near the exit warning of the steps outside the door. There were also no signs directing patrons to the wheelchair access.

“I’m not angry at anyone for this accident. I just want to teach and show them that their access maybe needs a little bit of improvement so that everyone in St. Louis can enjoy it,” Chancellor said.

Fox 2 contacted Landry’s and Union Station about this incident.

In a statement, Landry’s Chief Operating Officer Howard Cole said in part: “We have been at this location for more than 25 years and have never had an accident like this occur. Guest safety is our top priority, and our property is ADA-compliant to ensure all guests can enjoy a safe experience while at our restaurant. We are currently assessing the situation with our development team to determine whether we need to take corrective action to prevent an incident like this from happening in the future.”

Union Station responded to Fox 2 saying in part: “A claim has been filed on Alison’s behalf with the property’s insurance carrier. To ensure the safety of future guests, we continue to work with the city’s Office On The Disabled and are asking them to advise whether they or a third party they recommend can review the ramp to see if additional signage or markings are needed.”

“Everything I’m doing today and everything I’ll continue to do is to teach. I don’t want to point fingers at anyone,” Chancellor said.

Fox 2 will report on the results of the investigation into this incident and if any changes are made as a result.

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