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ST. PETERS, Mo. – Katrina Sanchez worked hard to buy her own home.

“I’m a single grandmother. I’m raising my four grandkids. I’ve got my mortgage. I’m working hard. I don’t understand why they would do this,” she said.

The Stockton, California resident is upset with St. Peters, Missouri-based company Like New Home Warranty.

“They were really nice on the phone and talked about if I had any problems, that I would call them and they would send a contractor out and take care of everything,” Sanchez said. “If it wasn’t fixable, they would replace it.”

In May 2020, Sanchez says she paid the company $2,700 for a three-year home warranty.

“The first issue I had with my AC. I had to continuously try to get a hold of them,” she said.

Eventually, the AC was fixed, but when her stove and washing machine later acted up, she says the company was even harder to get ahold of. Sanchez decided to cancel her warranty.

“Once you said you wanted to cancel, it was so difficult. They were rude. They almost start interrogating you,” she said.

Sanchez complained to the Better Business Bureau. Turns out, she wasn’t alone. In April, the BBB issued a warning on Like New Home Warranty after receiving more than three dozen consumer complaints. Issues reported to the BBB included misleading sales tactics, poor customer service, failing to cancel contracts, and failing to issue refunds. The company promised Katrina a $1,600 check in January.

“To this day, I haven’t received anything,” Sanchez said.

FOX 2’s Mike Colombo went to the company to ask company owner Joe Walski about that. Walski wasn’t there, but Colombo spoke with co-owner Jason Cox.

Cox responded to allegations that people are calling his company with problems and their home warranties aren’t being serviced.

“I feel like we handle everything as fast as we possibly can. Obviously, you’re not going to please everybody. I’ll make sure Ms. Sanchez—if she hasn’t gotten her check already—gets it asap,” he said.

Cox promised Sanchez would “absolutely” get her check in a timely fashion.

“I would be happy with something back. Something is better than nothing,” Sanchez said.

That something should be arriving in the next few days. After Colombo left the company, he got a call from Joe Walski. He apologized for what he called an unfortunate situation and took full responsibility for the long delay in getting Sanchez her money. He sent FOX 2 a picture of Katrina’s check. He says it was mailed (Thursday). He says he’ll use this case to improve the company.

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