BEL-RIDGE, Mo. – The water was working at Tiffany Shaw’s Bel-Ridge home when FOX 2 visited Thursday morning. After receiving a notice of non-payment warning from Missouri American Water, she’s not sure how much longer that’ll be the case.

“The water company comes yesterday and told us that our water is due to get disconnected because there’s a past due bill,” Shaw said. “There’s no account at this address.”

She and her neighbor, Ivie, said they’ve repeatedly reached out to the property management company, Purpose Residential.

“They keep forwarding our calls. They won’t answer our calls. They won’t return any calls,” Shaw said.

They said Purpose Residential began managing the property after it was sold earlier this year. Under the previous owners, they said they didn’t pay the water bill, and if that’s changed under the new owner, they haven’t been told. Whitestone and Co., a real estate investment firm, now owns the duplex.

St. Louis County property records list a Pompano Beach, Florida, address for the company. According to property records in Broward County, Florida, Gino Cozza, the CEO of Whitestone and Co., owns the residence at that address. Last summer, Whitestone and Co. announced it had acquired 190 homes in north St. Louis County.

FOX 2 contacted the former owner and property manager of Shaw and Ivie’s duplex. They said Missouri American Water contacted them regarding the bill. They said they informed Whitestone and Purpose Residential that the water account needed to be switched over and paid weeks ago.

A spokesperson for Missouri American Water said there is currently no active bill payer set up. The utility claimed that it doesn’t even have Shaw and Ivie’s addresses in its database, pointing out that it’s possible that the duplex shares a meter with one of the homes in the area owned by Whitestone. Shaw said she doesn’t care where the meter is or who owns the property; she just wants the bill paid and her water to continue running.

“How am I going to survive without water? How am I going to take a bath? All this and that, I just want it taken care of,” Shaw said.

After contacting Whitestone and Purpose Residential about this issue, Whitestone and Co. Cozza said the company has switched over the accounts and resolved the billing issue.