ST. LOUIS – When FOX 2’s Contact 2 team first met Hattie Thomas in September, she was washing dishes in the bathroom sink of her north St. Louis home. The messy misfortune was the fallout from a still incomplete kitchen renovation.

“I never have lived like this before. I never been through anything like this before,” Thomas said.

Thomas said she first started working with Home Depot on the project in 2021. In 2022, work is still unfinished.

“Things are just standing still now. Nothing is being done,” she said. “They’re not even returning my calls or anything.”

Thomas has receipts detailing the thousands of dollars she paid for materials and labor. Home Depot turns over the work to third-party contractors. While some of the jobs were starting, it was far from the finished project Thomas hoped for.

“Especially at my age, I’m 80 years old. I’m still working,” she said. “Still trying to make my home comfortable for me to live here, but it’s not working out for me. I hope you can really help me out. That’s the reason I called you, Mike, because I felt you could help me.”

FOX 2 contacted Home Depot’s corporate office and urged them to act. Now Thomas is in her completed kitchen.

“After you came out, they got busy. I don’t know what you said to them, but they got busy,” she said. “They were calling me from the headquarters trying to make me happy because I was really displeased.”

A spokesperson from Home Depot said the following statement:

“We’re happy we were able to complete Ms. Thomas’ renovations and that she’s pleased with the result. We understand this was an inconvenience for her, and that’s not the experience we want for any of our customers. We thank Ms. Thomas for allowing us to make this right.”

Thomas said she now “felt at home.”

“I feel like I’m at home again. Thanks to you and Channel 2, I don’t know what I would’ve done if hadn’t come in here,” she said.