ST. LOUIS – Daniel Bright’s south St. Louis property looks like a mini lumberyard. He’s got 2x4s stacked in his front yard, fence pickets piled up in his driveway, and 4x4s posted up in his backyard. Bright said three posts are the root of this problem.

“They put three fence posts in the wrong spots, about six feet in front of my property line,” he said.

Bright booked the job through Lowe’s for $3,500. Lowe’s subbed it out to a third-party contractor. Bright shared a drawing worksheet with FOX 2 he got from Lowes detailing plans for the fence project. The document features instructions to install the fence as close to the tree as possible.

“During the survey and during the quote, they never mentioned anything about the tree being an issue,” Bright said.

But it was an issue. Bright said he confronted the contractor.

“From there, they never came back. They sent me some documents to try to resolve it,” Bright said. “Nothing we could both get on the same page with.”

He said he’s been communicating with Lowe’s and the contractor Lowe’s chose to get it figured out.

“I’m not getting anywhere with either. One is telling me to go to one, and the other is telling me to go back to the other,” Bright said. “I’m trapped in the middle, unfortunately.”

That’s when Bright reached out to FOX 2. We contacted Lowe’s corporate office, and it didn’t take long for the company to act.

“You said a few days; I never thought it would’ve been a few hours,” Bright said.

He said a Lowe’s representative called with a plan to pick up the material and refund his money. He gave FOX 2 doorbell camera video of the crews in action.

“They did a great job. They picked it up. Left no mess,” Bright said.

In a statement, a Lowe’s representative said the following:

“The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Lowe’s customer relations has been working directly with Daniel Bright to address his concerns, and we are pleased that the issue is moving toward resolution.”

In less than a week, Bright went from considering carpentry to a relieving resolution. He said he’s hired a new company to do the job.

“Action is what I got. Thank you for everything. Thank you, FOX 2. Thank you, Mike Colombo,” Bright said.