BALLWIN, Mo. – Kathy Becker is hard at work running her deftly dubbed business, “Crafted By Kathy.” Her holiday-themed handiwork has her at the hardware store nearly every day.

Becker frequently visits Home Depot for her supplies. She says her “pro” membership and the 11-percent rebates available on qualifying purchases have helped her save money and keep business booming.

“Didn’t have a problem in the beginning,” Becker said. “We would submit the receipts. Didn’t have a problem. We would get the rebates back pretty quick.”

She says over the last several months, it has become increasingly difficult to get her rebates processed. She contacted Home Depot and Blackhawk Network. Home Depot partners with the Blackhawk Network to administer its rebate program.

“Recently, they would tell me you should have all of your rebates in 72 hours. It’s been three weeks,” Becker said.

She showed FOX 2’s Contact 2 team records she had kept, detailing purchase dates, tracking numbers, and dollar amounts. She says she is still owed more than $1,300 in rebates.

“If someone from Home Depot or someone from Blackhawk Engagements wants to come in and go through my receipts, they are more than welcome,” she said. “Those boxes are in there. I don’t think enough is being done.”

Becker got some exciting news in less than a week after FOX 2 contacted Home Depot and Blackhawk.

“They sent me a $1,300 gift card and apologized profusely for the runaround I’ve gotten,” she said.

A spokesperson from Home Depot said the following statement:

“Ms. Becker’s experience isn’t what we want our customers to have. We’re happy we were able to resolve this issue for Ms. Becker.”

Reinvigorated by her rebates, Becker’s got the money and motivation to move forward with her orders.

“I thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it so much,” she said. “It was just hoop after hoop and not getting anywhere. I thought I’ll just contact you.”