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ST. LOUIS – Jasmine Galmore would like to forget Aug. 24, 2021.

“I was having a rough day that day, emotionally,” she said.

Galmore’s rough day got worse when she left the gym and found her car had been ransacked by thieves.

“My whole back seat was pushed open. My purse was gone,” she said.

Galmore filed a report with Florissant police, alerted her bank, and started closing accounts. Unfortunately, the thieves acted fast and opened cellphone accounts in her name. She got those closed and was moving on with her life, when a letter arrived from an insurance company handling claims for U-Haul. It said she owned nearly $1,000 for a damaged moving truck.

“They needed the accident report, police report for a damaged U-Haul,” she said.

Knowing she had not rented a U-Haul, Galmore suspected she was again an identity theft victim. She contacted U-Haul. A representative told her to file an identity theft report with her local police department.

“Once you get those documents, just send it to us, and we will close the claim as fraud. I was like, ok!” Galmore said.

But she said that presented a new challenge. You see, the thieves rented the U-Haul from a location in St. Louis City, meaning she had to file the identity theft report with city police. She said her calls and a visit to the south patrol did not do the trick.

“I’m reaching out for help, and it just seems like nobody wants to help me. It’s very frustrating. Very,” Galmore said.

FOX 2 contacted the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and got the ball rolling.

“You did your magic and I got a call from a detective,” Galmore said.

That St. Louis police officer processed the identity theft report Galmore desperately needed. Meanwhile, we contacted U-Haul.

“I got a call from the president of U-Haul saying they apologize. Ever since you left, everything just started getting resolved,” she said.

Galmore has been cleared of any wrongdoing and doesn’t owe any money. Hopefully, this situation, and the events of that fateful August day, are behind her for good.

“I don’t know how to even say thank you,” she said.