ST. LOUIS – Tammie Anderson details her documentation on the hood of FOX 2’s news car. Her paper trail tells the tale of a nearly five-month search for housing. Her saga starts at the Santa Ana Apartments in St. Ann, Missouri.

“The walls was all molded up. The carpet was all wet. Streams of water was coming from the ceiling,” Anderson said.

She moved out in early December and thought she had found a new home less than two miles away at the Parc Chalet Apartments. She applied and paid the $412.50 security deposit with two money orders. Around the same time, the Parc Chalet Apartments experienced major plumbing issues that led the City of St. Ann to condemn several units. Anderson said it made her think twice about moving in.

“That’s when I said no; I just want my money back. Why should I move in a place like that and have more troubles on my back?” Anderson said.

However, that’s when she said the real trouble started. For months, she has tried unsuccessfully to get her security deposit back.

“Just please, I need to get contact to them people. I really do,” Anderson said. “I need to get myself together. It’s very important. It’s my life.”

FOX 2 contacted the new property manager for Parc Chalet Apartments for some answers. They said they would work to get the issues resolved. We also reached out to an executive with Soundview Equities LLC, the New York-based company that owns the complex. A few hours later, the Soundview Equities representative emailed back, saying they found Anderson’s money, which was mistakenly entered into the wrong account.

The company also said the following:

“We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this has caused Ms. Anderson. A check has been made out to Mrs. Anderson, and it is being delivered to the leasing office in Parc Chalet. Our first priority is making sure we resolve any issues in a timely manner and making sure prospects, clients, etc. are satisfied.

“I thank you all very much. Good workers. Keep up the good job,” Anderson said.