FERGUSON, Mo. – A volunteer from FOX 2 Contact 2 helps a Ferguson homeowner save their home from foreclosure.

Tara Owens and her husband Lynex bought their home in 1995 and raised a family there.

“We have eight children all together. We raised all eight children in this home,” said Tara Owens.

When the pandemic hit, the Owens’ lost their jobs and feared they’d lose their home.

“We reached out to the mortgage company, and they allowed us a forbearance with the COVID-19 relief program,” said Tara.

In October 2021, Tara said she got COVID-19. Lynex tested positive three days later.

“October 14, he was in the hospital on oxygen. On October 23, which was his 53 birthday, he ended up going on the ventilator,” said Tara. “November 13, he passed from COVID-19 pneumonia symptoms.”

Tara said Lynex’s death disrupted their plan to restart mortgage payments when the COVID-19 relief ran out. She said she sought help from SAFHR, State Assistance for Housing Relief, and was approved for mortgage assistance. However, Tara said miscommunication between her mortgage company and the state prevented her from getting the help she needed.

“When I reached out to the mortgage company, they told me that I wasn’t allowed to make the payment or they couldn’t accept it, because my home was in foreclosure,” said Tara.

After Tara contacted FOX 2 for help, Steve Radinsky, a longtime volunteer for Contact 2 took the case.

“He called me back and he said, I’ll try to help you, but I’m just a volunteer,” said Tara. “Well, he turned out to be way more than a volunteer. I almost feel like he’s part of my family now.”

With more than 20 years of helping consumers, Radinsky said he was on the phone making calls.

“With less than 24 hours to go, I got a lady that spoke to me,” said Radinsky. “That’s when I did a three-way call on two telephones because I didn’t know how to do the three-way call.”

Tara said she thank Contact 2 for helping her save her home.

“At that last moment on the fourth, I got an email from the state saying that the mortgage company communicated the payment was made and confirmed,” Tara. “I credit Contact 2 for helping me stay in my home, save my home.”

Radinsky said it’s the greatest feeling to help someone.

“Ah, this gives me a high. This gives me an adrenaline high. This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever done in my life,” he said. “I get a jolt of energy every time I do this.”

Tara said she calls Contact 2 her “angels.”

“I think God sends angels to camp around us, and Channel 2, Contact 2 was my angel throughout all of this,” said Tara. “Otherwise, I would probably have all my stuff out here trying to find a place to stay.”

“It makes my day. I tell everybody. This is what I do. This is me,” said Radinsky.