ST. LOUIS – Earlier this week, FOX 2 reported on a man being charged for a monthly membership he says he didn’t sign up for. Others have had similar experiences.

“I happened to notice there was a $20 debit from Zips and I thought, I hadn’t been to Zips in months,” said Brian Byrd. “So, I went back and looked at some of the other previous statements, and, sure enough, they’d been hitting me for about six months.”.

Months after Byrd’s last trip to the Zips Car Wash on South Kingshighway, he learned he was being charged for a monthly membership he says he didn’t sign up for.

“The interface, I noticed, was a little confusing. I thought I had just purchased one car wash, turns out it ended up being a membership. Full-on membership,” he said. “The thing that was kind of odd is I never got an email or any kind of confirmation, anything like that, that a membership had started.”

After sharing Brian’s story on the FOX 2 Now Facebook page, others replied to the post, saying they’ve had similar experiences.

Nicholas wrote: “Zips did the same thing to myself and my parents.”
Sydni shared: “Same exact thing happens to me. I had to start declining the charge.”
Landy replied: “The same thing happened with me. Now I’m having problems being able to cancel it.”

When we contacted Zips about Byrd’s story, a representative for the company told us they were working to refund his $120 and Zips did just that. FOX 2 followed up with the same representative on Wednesday regarding these new complaints.

Zips responded with a statement saying:

“We take pride in offering a great customer and employee experience and excellent car wash quality at all our locations. We have phone, email, and online chat available to address any membership or billing questions, with dedicated representatives via phone Monday – Friday.”

The representative said they were sorry they could not specifically respond to our exact questions about why these billing issues allegedly occurred. We will continue to press Zips for answers about these complaints and share any new information we get.

Zips tells us it has a designated phone number, 1-855-947-7927, with agents available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central, Monday through Friday, to assist with cancelations or changes to an account.