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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – A woman's plan for self improvement never really gets off the ground.  When she tries to cancel her contract with a local martial arts studio the answer is no.  So she called Contact 2.   The kicks and spins were supposed to make her stronger and feel safer.  But a sudden illness kept her from taking classes.  Her doctor even fought to keep her off the mat.  Sarah Beckermann planned to make monthly payments for martial arts classes at a south county studio.  But a month after signing the contract she became very ill.  Sarah says she called to try to cancel her contract.  ‘I think I told them a week after I got out of the hospital. I was in the hospital for so long. I was in there for about two weeks. '

The surgeon who treated Sarah says it was a serious staph infection that was not responding to antibiotics. She drained it twice,  but Dr. T. Elizabeth Robertson says she was concerned.  'It worsened and we were very concerned that it was infected into the joint.  We had to get orthopedics involved, and start her on IV antibiotics, so I took her to the operating room and luckily her joint was not involved. '

It was drained a third time.  Eventually Sarah found herself battling the studio over the contract.  She made a formal request to cancel.   Her doctor even wrote letters based on the company's cancellation policy.  When I called, I was told Sarah was behind on her payments.  She disputes that and says, ‘I just want my contract cancelled, I just don`t` want to have to pay for something I`m not using.'

When we called the director of the martial arts studio, we were told the contract has been cancelled and Sarah would receive a certified letter to that effect.  The worst is over but the young mother is in no shape for contact sports according to her doctor.  'There`s always a risk of reopening those wounds and getting them further infected,  and then I can`t really imagine any martial arts class would want her with that very drug resistant bacteria to come in and do that.'   

We'll keep you posted on the status of that cancellation letter.  We'll let you know if the martial arts studio stands by its word and allows Sarah to get out of the contract.  

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