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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – Convenience drives many consumers to the internet.  But a couple of local women called us after a bad experience with online purchases.   

It`s a good thing they did, here`s Contact 2 `s Bonita Cornute to explain how their dilemma just "went away."

The products were ordered from a New Jersey Ribbon and Trim Distributor.   Weeks turned into months and the women told me they were tired of waiting.    So, we just conveyed that frustration to the distributor.

This mother from Chesterfield needed the ribbon to decorate the shopping cart covers she makes for babies.   
This woman uses the ribbons to decorate cakes.   She waited six months then notified the better business bureau when she couldn't get product or refund.

Shirley Scarbrough: “I had ordered the ribbons to use specifically for three weddings that I had coming up, and I had to do some last minute shuffling and go elsewhere to find the ribbons”.

We called JKM Ribbon and Trims and explained that the women had waited for months. A spokesperson said the delays were the result of back orders from their suppliers.  But we got a promise that the concerns of both women would be addressed.     

Rachel Distelrath: “They sent an email saying it was against policy for them to issue a refund, but     due to the circumstances of me having to wait six plus months for my order, they were going to go ahead and give me the refund and this was after your piece aired”.   

Shirley Scarbrough: “And I opened the pkg up and there were my ribbons, totally surprised, and very pleased”.   

Rachel Distelrath: “It did take them about three and a half weeks for the check to come, but I did finally receive my refund.  so it`s a happy ending”.    

These small business owners say there's a lesson for anyone who's dissatisfied with a transaction.      

Shirley Scarbrough: “It really pays to let people know when you have a problem call the better business bureau, and call FOX Two”.    

You can always dispute an internet purchase if you use your credit card for the transaction.    And always give yourself ample time when ordering.   Nothing`s worse than facing a deadline with no room for delays.  

If you have consumer issues call us at Contact 2.  The toll free number is 800-782-2222.  Volunteers take calls Monday through Thursday between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.

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