ST. LOUIS – For more than 30 years, Gloria Taylor and the Community Women Against Hardship Family Support Center have given St. Louis families the hope they need at their office on West Belle Place.

“I feel like we’re handicapped now. We can’t do what we say we do,” Taylor said. “It’s very frustrating and it makes me feel bad.”

The organization that educates and empowers the people it serves called Contact 2 because its AT&T phone and internet service hasn’t worked in over a week.

“We’ve called. I’ve called the number on the website. I’ve done the chat. I’ve left my number. The reboot they give you directions for is not working,” Taylor said. “My son-in-law, who’s very astute with computers, has tried. He says it’s still not going to work. I don’t know how to reach a customer service person so that they can schedule this so that we can take care of the public that’s been entrusted to us.”

FOX 2 watched as one of Taylor’s colleagues sat on hold with AT&T customer service for more than 40 minutes Monday. Taylor says it’s just the latest in a series of frustrating calls that end without resolution.

“This is a business. I know people don’t see it that way. We are a corporation. Even though it’s a not-for-profit and we’re small,” she said. “The point is, we’re without service! What do you do without a telephone? We can’t get a person to say this is when this person is coming out.”

That’s when Contact 2 got involved. We contacted AT&T. A representative told us the service interruption was caused by someone stealing copper in the area. In a statement, a spokesperson said, “We have restored this customer’s phone and internet service and apologize for the delay. We have provided a courtesy credit on their account. We encourage the public to be aware and report any unmarked vehicles or individuals removing cable to local law enforcement or AT&T Asset Protection at 800-807-4205.”

“I’m very pleased. It worked. I’m going to give you a hug!” Taylor said.

From stuck on hold to handing out hugs, Taylor says her organization is reconnected and revitalized.

“Without people like you … it would not have happened, so I’m very relieved. That made me feel better. I slept better!” she said.

The Contact 2 team will also rest easy after another rewarding resolution.