WASHINGTON PARK, Ill. – “They were flooded. That field was flooded. This was flooded. Across the street was flooded,” Washington Park resident James Kerby said.

Kerby says he’s working with FEMA to address issues with his property after this summer’s historic flooding. But that’s not why he called Contact 2.

He says a scary situation led to the discovery.

“The only reason I noticed it was because my dog was going down there,” Kerby said.

The hole measures a depth of about four feet. A closer examination with our camera reveals what appears to be old sewer infrastructure.

Kerby says he told Washington Park officials about the hole a few weeks ago, but does not believe they took the complaint to heart.

“They’re not. If they did, they’d come out like I asked them to,” he said.

FOX 2 took James’ concerns to the Washington Park Village Hall. Minutes later, building inspector and code enforcer Anthony Johnson returned with us to the property to take a look for himself. It wasn’t long before a public works employee came to mark the hole and promised to get it filled.

“All I ask of the citizens is to give us enough time to get everything done and do as much as me can,” Johnson said. “Don’t count us out.”

Johnson says when citizens share complaints, he’ll work to address those issues quickly.

“Every day. If they call into the office with a complaint about something, I’m going to get on it as quick as I can,” he said. “If I can’t, I’m going to let them know the necessary steps we have to take to secure holes and stuff like this.”

Kerby says he’s excited to see that commitment to action.

While the hole wasn’t fully fixed on that day, Kerby is happy about the progress.

“Yeah, this is a good start. They came out and they looked at it finally. This is a good start,” he said.

FOX 2 will keep tabs on the city’s progress to make sure the hole is filled and report back when the job is completed.