MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. — In September 2020, Lakeitha Adory and her husband Gerald contracted COVID-19 while working as nurses.

“Sept. 8 is when I had to send my husband to the hospital. He woke up confused with slurred speech,” said Adory.

Gerald became unresponsive. He was in a coma for 38 days and in ICU for 45 days. Doctors diagnosed him with Transverse Myelitis, believed to be a complication of his COVID infection.

“He’s been paralyzed from the waist down for a whole year now. My whole life changed,” said Adory.

Lakeitha needed help caring for Gerald when he returned home. She hired Dignity at Home Care for one month. She said a worker was supposed to come five days a week for three hours a day. She agreed to pay $17.50 an hour and shared this bank statement showing she paid the company $1,3000 upfront.

“Everything was going fine at first. There was someone coming out every day,” said Adory.

Lakeitha said the final week of the agreement, no one from Dignity at Home Care showed up. She told FOX 2 its owner, Christopher Walter, promised to refund her $300 for the missed days.

“He would text me and say I’m coming. I’m going to bring it. Then he said, ‘I have the check in the mail. It’s on its way.’ I waited a week and a half. No check in the mail. We’re right here in Missouri. How long does it take for the mail to be delivered? Now it’s to the point I can’t reach him at all. Even if the person in the offices reached him. He won’t call me back. I haven’t heard from him at all. That’s when I reached out to you guys,” said Adory.

FOX 2’s Mike Colombo went to a building at Westport where Dignity at Home Care rents meeting space. Christopher Walter wasn’t there. After Colombo left, Walter called him and then followed up with an email.

In it, Walter said that he’ll “be dropping off her refund check to her tomorrow.”

“Upon further review by us, we did not receive any emails or voicemails to our office line following the check being dropped off to her several months ago,” he continued. “Due to that, we assumed the issue to be resolved.”

Walter added the situation is “an unfortunate miscommunication and no ill error on our end.”

Three days later, Walter sent Colombo another email. It reads: “I went further back in my records and tracked down the verification of refund from the initial attempt to provide a refund. I have also contacted our attorney, and at this point, he is advising that no further comments be made in this matter as it has been previously resolved.”

Colombo asked Walter if he or his attorney could provide us documentation of the records he referenced. He has not yet replied.

“I don’t think he has any intention on paying me back. I really don’t,” said Adory.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Lakeitha sent us pictures of a letter and check she said she received Tuesday from Dignity at Home Care.

The letter reads, “After review and reconciliation of timekeeping records, the staff worked a total of 70 hours. That leaves you with a credit of five hours for $87.50.”

Lakeitha said that’s still more than $200 short of what’s she’s owed. We noticed the check is dated Sept. 30, 2021, which could complicate her ability to cash it. She remains frustrated by this situation.

If you’ve had issues with Dignity at Home Care, email the details of the situation to