FLORISSANT, Mo. — A Florissant woman said she got an unwanted surprise on Saturday when a contractor damaged her driveway due to a mix-up. Chanel McClendon rents her home from FirstKey Homes and said she was not told about any scheduled projects.

“I went to run an errand and came back, and there was a Bobcat in the driveway just tearing up my concrete,” said McClendon.

She said she immediately questioned the contractor.

“He said he was hired to put in a new driveway at this address,” said McClendon.

McClendon said she quickly learned it was a mistake.

“About an hour later, after tearing it up, he rang my doorbell and said that he was not supposed to be at this address,” said McClendon.

Her neighbor’s driveway, which is two doors up, is the one that has to be replaced that day. McClendon’s damaged driveway was not fixed and she reached out to FOX 2’s for help.

“He did express to me that he was very upset about it because he was going to have to swallow the cost,” said McClendon. “He wanted me to call FirstKey Homes to let them know that he wanted to be paid to finish the driveway.”

McClendon said she discussed the situation with FirstKey Homes. The company confirmed it did not hire the contractor to replace her driveway, but was working with him to finish the job.

“They were waiting for him to get his permit in the mail,” said McClendon.

FirstKey Homes told FOX 2 that the permit was never received. In a statement, a FirstKey Homes representative said the following:

“We’re disappointed the contractor is unwilling to repair our resident’s driveway after admitting they completed the demolition work at the wrong home without consent. We are deeply sorry, Ms. McClendon experienced this destruction of property and major inconvenience, by no fault of hers or ours as the homeowner. We are pouring a new driveway at our expense and waiving one month’s rent for Ms. McClendon as a goodwill gesture.”

McClendon told FOX 2’s Mike Colombo without him being involved, no action would have taken place.

“When you got involved, that’s when I started seeing action,” said McClendon.

McClendon said she is grateful for the new driveway and to move on from the situation.

“I believe, they wouldn’t have moved as quickly on it, as they did if you hadn’t said anything or tried to help me,” said McClendon. “I am happy and relieved that it’s completed. I’m just happy you got involved. I appreciate it.”

FOX 2 reached out to the contractor who made the mistake but has not heard back. FirstKey Homes said its pursuing legal remedies against the contractor and his company to prevent this type of “hit and run” construction practice from happening to anyone else.