ST. LOUIS – If there was an award for the world’s best grandchild, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more deserving than Brian Rogers.

“Well, she raised me, and I can’t let her take care of herself,” he said. “Being 95, she needs breakfast, lunch, dinner, yard work, and stuff around the house taken care of.”

Lately, Rogers said he’s been busy trying to help her resolve an issue with Liberty Mutual Insurance. He shared a bank statement with FOX 2 showing Liberty Mutual debited $1,627 from his grandma’s account on April 13. He said she’d already paid her bill several days before and that the surprise deduction drained the account, causing several overdrafts.

“No matter which avenue I took to get an answer, whether it be the insurance representative or my bank representative, all of them gave me different answers,” Rogers said.

He said Liberty Mutual eventually admitted it made a mistake, but fixing the problem created new frustration.

“They couldn’t return the money to her because there was a chance it was in transaction still,” Rogers said. “That I could get refunded twice is basically what they said. They couldn’t risk paying the money back and then having a refund go through at the same time.”

Meanwhile, his grandma was left without any money or solid answers about when the money would be returned to her account.

“I hate to see her stress like this. I hate to see her try to solve a problem that she didn’t cause,” Rogers said.

FOX 2 contacted Liberty Mutual. A representative told us the company doesn’t publicly discuss its customers’ policies. They said they’d send the information we shared about this situation to their customer advocacy team, and they would contact Rogers and his grandmother to discuss their concerns. It seems our effort helped. Rogers said the money was deposited back into the checking account this week.

In a follow-up email, Liberty Mutual thanked FOX 2 for bringing this to their attention, adding that their team was in direct contact with the customer to help resolve the situation.